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Anonymous asked:
"omg that mto article is actually real, he admitted it without admitting it in his new interview"

he admitted it….”without it” admitting? lol I think he’s just playing along ‘cause it’s funny.

Anonymous asked:
"Literally skipped all of kirks parts and when straight to Augusts parts"

Kirko is cute though you could at least put it on mute lol

Anonymous asked:
"Your voice is more moist than chocolate cake bae"

I’m not August.

Anonymous asked:
"i dont care for the song rich at all kirko voice is annoying as hell to me i only watched the vid for august"


Lol ^

Kirko is definitely not bad to look at, I can do without his music.

Anonymous asked:
"Did the R&R video drop yet?"

Yes, here’s the link.

ep. 4 of the walking dead game tomorrow!!

Anonymous asked:
"What's the link to the 94.9 interview? 👀"

gotcha, here’s the link.